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this site is basically just another stupid place where fat bored unemployed paedophiles can spend thier time while doing the best possible job at being a debt to society so why not stay here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this place has currently got info or is geting info on reptilians(reptoids/draconians/draconoids/reptoids) soon i will have a proper seperate page on the greys who are associated with the reptilians,we also have the haulocaust i don't have much real info on that but i put it on here fro my friend who has some kind of obsession with it,i also have communism up and runing as it is the 'hip' new thing to be into now i may need a bit of help with how thing happened from wikipedia or my friend we also have some really bad info on ponies and such which i am not even going to bother getting the facts for and just going to go all out100% truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it's true!,i also have a page on animation and on funny/cool cartoons enjoy!



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